"The values that were instilled in the first families had to be preserved.  It is a part of American history.  It was our mission to capture the essence of our community."

- Patricia Harper Garrett & Jessica Garrett Modkins

Richmond Heights became a building standard for Black homes and was featured in a 1963 Jet Magazine article as one of the safest Black neighborhoods in America.

Richmond Heights, a Southwest  community in Miami, Florida, was founded in 1949 by Capt. Frank Crawford Martin for Black World War II veterans.  Captain Martin, also a veteran, thought this community would be a good business venture but, for a white man in the late 1940s, this venture turned into a tool of social change leading all the way to the White House.    
Miami's Richmond Heights is a richly illustrated book that chronicles the beginnings of the original residents who are WWII veterans, Tuskegee Airman, Fortune 500 presidents, doctors, university professors, and many other professionals.  It explores the vision for the community, how this vision translated to the residents, and documents the first families in 1949.
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